Meet Elliot Street Lunatic

Local Lansing, Michigan band, Elliot Street Lunatic is comprised of four talented men and one gifted woman. Jason Marr on guitar and vocals, Eric Robins on guitar and vocals, Josh DeBrabander on bass and vocals, Caleb Knight on drums and vocals, and Liza Robins on the tambourine. Recent venues Elliot Street Lunatic have played at include The Blind Pig, Wolverine Brewing Co, and The Globe.

Their Indie/Rock feel resembles classics like The Beatles and modern bands such as Modest Mouse. Their latest album “Ghost Town Lullabies” embodies a modern version of the indie/rock genre about changes in life and a fast-paced world. “Ghost Town,” a single on the album gives insight to the rest of their album with a premise about an empty town. The rest of the album follows suit with songs like “Unfamiliar Place” and “This Modern World.”

Other songs and information can be found here:

Catch Elliot Street Lunatic upcoming shows at:
The Loft with Joe Hertler and Youngblood Hawke, Lansing, MI December 2nd

Keep an eye out for Elliot Street Lunatic music and shows as well as their performance at MOTM5 on Saturday, January 26th at The Loft.


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