Meet Gifts or Creatures

Brandon and Bethany Foote, a Michigan-based husband and wife duet, make up the folklore MOTM5 band Gifts or Creatures. Several months after marriage, they recorded their first album Pilot House including the songs Mail From Westcott and Ravenous Fur. Ever since the Pilot House release they have been touring around Michigan. They’ve played at venues like Mac?s Bar, The Berkley Front, and Midwest Fest.

Gifts or Creatures progressive nostalgic americana genre is like none else. Brandon and Bethany use a keyboard instruments and vocals to share their cultural music. They sing of surrounding landscapes and nature. The cinematic soundscape of their album will take you to another, tranquil place.

Other songs and information on Gifts or Creatures can be found here:

Catch Gifts or Creatures at upcoming shows at:
Mac’s Bar Lansing, MI Saturday December 8th

Keep an eye out for Gifts or Creatures music and shows as well as their performance at MOTM5 on Friday, January 25th at (SCENE) Metrospace.


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